A simple, 6 weeks process to sell your business

Evaluation - Week 1
After our first mutual call, we will check your company and evaluate our mutual fit within one week. If we see potential we will get back to you to initiate the initial screening process.
Deep Dive - Week 2 & 3
Congrats, we are one step further and will deep-dive into your business. We will check your P&L and look at your operations. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for you. We'll share what information we gather with you and jointly gain a better understanding of your business and market. This step lasts 2 weeks.
Closing - Week 4-6
We usually take 2 additional weeks until all the documents are signed and we can close the deal. After clearing the documentation and formalities, you can expect the money in the bank within an additional week.
Our promise
Fast execution
We know you don't want to spend many hours waiting for feedback or our decision. Our process is efficient & fast. We only request information we really need.
Smooth transition
Our integration team will be with you throughout the process and after closing. Our integration process makes sure you can seamlessly move onto your next challenge.
From Founders to Founders
We are founders ourselves. We understand you might want to go on to your next challenge or just cherish some well deserved time with your loved ones. We'll be 100% honest and fair with you.
Tell us about your business
Get in contact with us and let us have a look at your Amazon FBA business.