You want the best possible future for your brand.
So do we.
With empathy, qualification and perseverance we are here to take over your Amazon FBA business.
Fair. Fast. Forward.
We have 10+ years of experience in e-commerce, building brands and guiding companies
Transparency is one of our core values and the guiding principle in our approach to evaluating your brand. Take a look at how we bring your brand's potential to life. Razor's approach will accelerate your business' growth in under 6 weeks.
Results in rocket speed
We acquired more than 90 brands, raised more than 500 million USD in funding and employed over 300 people in 6 locations around the globe - in our first twelve months. Watch us take action immediately and fulfil your brand's full potential in weeks
360 degree expertise
We are experts in our field with over a decade of experience in e-commerce. We don't make false promises - your brand is in best hands.
Global Growth
We grow with you, you grow with us. Watch your brand excel across any sales channel and market region you can imagine. Time to think big.
Unique brands
Recurring revenue
We take your brand to the next stage of development. Products in the Razor portfolio show up at the top of landing pages across various webshops and marketplaces. Want to see your product on top?
Let's get it there - on Amazon and beyond.

Case study
Growing PowrX Amazon revenue from zero to 2M a month was a task worth your attention
From zero to hero
A selection of Razor's finest success stories.
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Set up for success
We scrape strictly and filter out winning brands. We focus on the top tier 5% of merchants that pass our pre-qualification process and promise success.
We then run the companies - not just acquire.
Tech is our strength - and our engine. With the help of automatic analyses of our company, inventory forecasting and competitor monitoring, we are able to screen one billion data points per month and have screened over one million merchants in the first year.
Products & Brands
We live and breathe the same values as our sellers. Razor is home to brand lovers with a passion for design and a love for detail. Having previously managed prestigious companies around the world, our teams know what it takes - and are fully committed - to building first-class brands.
Founded in August 2020, Razor is home to over 300 employees across 6 offices around the globe. Being a business that skyrocketed, we want the assets we acquire to do the same. On average, our brands have seen an EBITDA growth of over 15% within four months of acquisition.
We firmly believe and know from experience that not just the founders, but the entire shareholder group is crucial for a company to succeed.
Jonas, Co-Founder Razor Group
Our investors
Sell Process
Effekt Manufaktur
Entrepreneur David Hach is one of our sellers. The factors time, focus and capital led him to the decision to sell his Amazon FBA business to the Razor Group.
The sales process with Razor allows you to concentrate on your new challenge within a few weeks:
→ uncomplicated
→ professional
→ fast
In his testimonial he reports about his sell process to us.

David Hach
Find out more about his sell process to Razor

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