Sell your business in 6 weeks

Week 1
Step 1 - Evaluation
After the first call we look at the most important area to give you fast feedback on whether it is attractive for us to buy your company or not and what kind of range we would pay for your Amazon FBA business.
Congrats, we are one step further and will deep-dive into your business. We are now looking into your key financial data/P&L and operations. Based on the better understanding of your business and market we can make you a suitable offer.
Step 2 - Analysis & Deep Dive
Week 2-3
Week 4-6
Step 3 - Closing
Usually it takes us 2 additional weeks until all the documents are signed and we can close the deal. After clearing everything you can expect the money in your bank account within an additional week. Now you are ready for your next challenge!

From founders to founders

We evaluate your business for no cost and work towards your future goals.
Quick & Fair Process
Efficency is the key to success. We act quickly and only request the necessary data. The timeline from your first enquiry to the money in your bank account is merely six weeks.
Smooth transition
Our team will be with you throughout, as well as beyond, the entire process. Our integration strategy ensures that you can seamlessly venture into your next challenge.
From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
We embody fair and transparent partnerships. Therefore we understand that you want to devote yourself to the next challenge or just want to enjoy your well-deserved time on vacation with your loved ones.
I was also really surprised how quick the sales process was. Between the signing and the first contact it took maximum 5 weeks.
David Hach, Founder of Effekt Manufaktur
Sell your Amazon FBA Business l David Hach's experience

Entrepreneur David Hach from Nördlingen in Germany has already founded three companies with an Amazon focus at the age of 22. He considered selling Effekt Manufaktur, because he has been very busy with his other D2C company Liebfeld and the Amazon advertising agency AMZ Advertise. The factors time, focus and capital led him to the decision to sell his Amazon FBA business to the Razor Group.
David Hach
Founder of Effekt Manufaktur

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