Work with the
leading acquirer
and brand builder

We evaluate your business at no cost and work towards your future goals.
Work with the
leading acquirer
and brand builder

We evaluate your business at no cost and work towards your future goals.
Our investors

Selling your business is a big step. Razor combines the best people that will make your exit as smooth as possible and grow your brand to a true global player.

Jonas Diezun, Co-Founder Razor Group

How we work

We offer you a process that fits your individual needs
Fair Evaluation
After the first call we look at the most important area to give you fast feedback on whether it is attractive for us to buy your company or not and what kind of range we would pay for your Amazon FBA business.
Analysis & Deep Dive
Congrats, we are one step further and will deep-dive into your business. We are now looking into your key financial data/P&L and operations. Based on the better understanding of your business and market we can make you a suitable offer.
Closing & Integration
Usually it takes us 2 additional weeks until all the documents are signed and we can close the deal. After clearing everything you can expect the money in your bank account within an additional week. Now you are ready for your next challenge!
Our Team
We have combined the best people with 10+ years of experience in brand building and other fields of expertise. Our culture at Razor has been defined by the strong ownership mentality of each and everyone in the company.
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Sell your business
We know exactly that selling your business is a big step. Therefore we treat every case individually and make sure your business is in good hands and on its best way to become a true global player.
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Razor DNA

In only 6 weeks we make it happen - from the valuation of your Amazon FBA business to getting all the documents cleared and finally transferring your well-deserved money to your bank account.
Fast & Fair
We evaluate your business worth fair and fast. We value transparency and want to work with amazing founders who look for their next challenge and want to take some chips off the table.
If we love your business, we will tell you. If it's not a fit we are honest as well and can forward you to our favorite brokers and buyers. Either way, we'll find a way for you.
6 Week Process
We believe that a selling process should be straight-forward, efficient and smooth. You can get your money in a maximum of 6 weeks and often even faster.
Experienced Team
We have founded multiple companies already and integrated many into our platform. We are specialists in what we do and have dedicated teams for each function.
With you all the way
We have bought businesses before, but it might be the first time for you. We are with you every step of the way and will guide your through our process.
Brand Lovers
We love to design, nurture and grow brands. By combining the best companies under one roof but paying attention to their uniqueness we can make them truly global players.

Global Success Story

Within a few months we have been able to gather a multinational team and successfully distributed our operations in other countries.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art

Let's talk.

Your exit is just a call away. We are looking forward to get in touch with you and discuss the options.